This 4-Foot-One Bodybuilder Is the Gym Inspiration You Need Today

Looking for some gymspiration after a long weekend? Look no further. Legally, this man’s name is Vince Brasco. But he’s better known to the world as “Mini Hulk,” and the name couldn’t be more fitting for the 4’1″ bodybuilder who is completely demolishing dwarfism stigmas by putting up bigger numbers in the gym than guys twice his size.

.The 25-year-old from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, was born with acondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. According to an interview with, Brasco was inspired to start bodybuilding because of the struggles many people with dwarfism have when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

“I wanted to be a role model to everyone who has dwarfism,” he said in the interview.

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He’s certainly living up to that goal. Brasco’s Instagram is full of inspiring photos and videos of him in and out of the gym, showing off his ripped physique and jaw-dropping strength feats.

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