Hey it’s dangerous! If you wear shoes without socks.

We all love wearing shoes without socks for a lot of reasons but most of the times the reason is the casual look. But if you do this here’s some unpleasant needs for you! You might be inviting some health Hazare without wearing socks. According to a research, wearing shoes without socks is not advisable at all.

Your feet throw off up to 500 ml of foot sweat in a day. That sweat contains bacteria and in the warm, moist environment inside a shoe (especially a shoe made of synthetic materials), the bacteria multiply quickly. They create foul odors, they permanently penetrate the lining of your shoes, and if you have a blister (which you are much more likely to get from going sockless) or a scratch on one of your feet, the bacteria can get through your skin and into your bloodstream.

When you wear sneakers without socks:

• Usually bad smells come out of it because of the materials the shoes are made of. Most popular sneakers are made of fabric or synthetic material, which facilitates the sweatiness.
This can also give you blisters on your feet, no matter how comfortable the shoe is.

• However, when done right, wearing sneakers without socks can be actually pleasant and may avoid all the drawbacks previously mentionned.

• For this to happen, you should buy shoes with leather insoles. Leather is the best material if you want to wear shoes without socks. Also, put some talc powder on your feet before wearing the shoes, this will regulate the perspiration and boost skin hydration. Also ensure to alternate wearing socks and wearing without socks.

socks were invented in order to absorb the sweat our feet produce when they’re inside shoes. If you really must go without socks, or are wearing very thin ones, cover your feet in baking soda, especially between the toes — it’ll absorb the sweat and bacteria, and help preserve the clean smell of the inside of your shoes.

(Take a teaspoonful and rub it on your feet, that should be enough, Your feet should only be a little white from the powdery covering, but not as white as a Kabuki artist’s face.)

Source: Quora

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