Early signs that may mean that you have Cancer

There is currently no such second-class disease as cancer. It attacks people of all ages, in every region of the world.

In the case of this disease, its most important is its early detection. Most early stages of cancer are completely curable, so pay close attention to the signals that your body sends.

Below you will find out exactly which symptoms you should be sensitive to before leaving for the doctor. Of course, all these symptoms do not necessarily mean cancer, but it is always worth explaining to your doctor.

1. Chest pain with prolonged cough

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This type of pain combined with cough can mean the presence of lung cancer or leukemia. In some patients, the pain radiates from the chest down..

2.Difficulty breathing, wheezing
Difficulty in breathing, or wheezing can also be a sign of lung cancer. If you experience these symptoms, consult a physician.

3. Problems with swallowing and digestion

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Symptoms like this can mean developing cancer of the throat and esophagus or stomach. If problems persist for a long time, please talk to your doctor.

4. Frequent colds, recurrent infections
Continuous follow-up and fever may mean that your body is tired. This can be due to other health problems that consume most of your body’s energy. When the body tries to fight the cancer, it often lacks the strength to fight the infection.

5. Bruises, bleeding

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Symptoms may indicate that our bodies are missing red blood cells and are weakened. This may be the first symptom of leukemia.

6. Fine nodules at various points on the body
These are so-called lymphatic changes, which may indicate many things, but can not be ignored. Especially important are the nodules in the lymph nodes, around the neck, groin and armpits.

7. Excessive fatigue

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If you feel overwhelmed, even if you are sick and you are not working, it may mean some sort of health problem.

Of course there may be many causes, but it is important to make sure that you are getting excessive fatigue and ask your doctor for a test.

8. Changes in the chest
If you notice any skin changes or bumps on your chests, you should immediately go to a doctor. This is not a clear sign of cancer, but it is always worth checking it out as soon as possible.

9. Sudden sudden weight loss without changing diet

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If you have not changed your eating habits or your level of physical activity, and yet you notice a sudden drop in weight, it may be a sign that your body is struggling with the disease. Perhaps your body is beginning to develop gastric cancer. Please consult your doctor.

Do share this article to your loved ones, it may help them also. And check yourself with these symptoms and stay healthy and happy!

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