Can Sleeping Late Be The Real Cause For Your weight gain?

From warm milk and bananas to tart cherry juice – there is a plenty of discussion on what foods will help you sleep better. While it’s easy to see how your diet can affect sleep, research now shows that your sleep can affect your diet too!

The Effect Of Late Nights On Your Diet
“Going to bed late does not increase total calorie intake, but it affects the quality of food consumed, increasing the risk of weight gain”
A study by researchers at the Feinberg and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, found that sleeping late did not significantly increase total calorie intake, but rather affected the quality of the individual’s diet. This of course, is one of the biggest risk factors for weight gain.

Individuals who sleep late tend to follow poor diets, eating less vegetables and more fast food – with men being more affected as compared to women. Sleeping late also has a negative impact on physical activity levels.

Unhealthy Sleep Habits That Cause Weight Gain
Variations In Sleep Duration
Another study that appeared in the International Journal of Obesity found that individuals who do not follow a regular sleep schedule, and have large variations in sleep duration are more likely to face obesity issues.

Excessive Daytime Napping
Individuals who sleep less at night think they can compensate with daytime napping, but this trend is also associated with increased obesity.

Sleep Deprivation
Researchers have found that individuals who sleep for 5.5 hours or less, as compared to those who sleep for 8.5 hours have greater difficulty achieving weight loss. So, if you’re trying to shed the pounds, you need to get adequate sleep in addition to eating healthy and exercising.

Following a regular sleep schedule will make it easier for you to stick to a workout plan and you won’t be as tempted to binge on chips and junk. You’ll find that in addition to making weight loss easier, it also makes you feel more positive and energetic.

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