Adverse effect of new technologies and gadgets on children

These days children are friendly with new technologies and gadgets. Children under the age of two can easily access any of the smartphone or ipad without any guidance. They spent most of their time on smart gadgets either playing on them or watching cartoons and movies.

Now the question arises is this a right thing for children who are spending hours and hours on these gadgets?

Various psychotherapist have said there is a clinical and neurological research that stated the screens are having pretty significant effect on children.

A licensed psychotherapist Dr. Nicholas Kardaras said “There’s been over 25 brain imaging studies that show the physiological changes that happen to the brain as a result of excessive screen exposure, and there’s been hundreds of clinical studies that show the effect of screens with things like ADHD, aggression, anxiety depression and even psychosis”

There was also a study conducted in Perth in Australia monitoring stationary  behaviour and daily physical activity of 10-12 year old kids, where they were put for eight weeks each of access to normal gaming consoles, total denial of access to the consoles, and selective access to electronic games that were activity-based and interactive.

The study showed significant increase in daily physical activity when the children were completely isolated away from the consoles or put on “active” electronic games. Technology is now an important factor in children’s lives

With adults glued to electronic devices, like television sets in the earlier generation, they can not expect that children sacrifice their electronic entertainment avenues.

Owing to this a school in UK has taken a decision to isolate Xboxes and Playstations from students as their academic performance in classrooms has been going dowwards. To find a solution of this problem school administration justified the move stating that teachers complained that overnight gaming was leaving students exhausted in classrooms.. With children growing up in an environment where personal computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, social media, and video-streaming have become all-pervasive, the impact that this entertainment-driven digital revolution will have on their learning abilities, social interactions and physical health is yet to be fully understood.

In a globalised world, India has not escaped any of these changes. Both adults and children are increasingly self-absorbed in their digital domains posing challenges to parenting and schooling that require to be treated with empathy and sensitivity

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