Your favourite thriller Game Of Thrones has an amazing ‘Delhi Connection’ you cannot imagine about!

If you think you know Lajpat Nagar well, this article will make you feel like ‘you know nothing’!

The much-hyped show has a different aura that takes people in the fantasy world mentally, and contributing to that are the props, costumes and much more that equally catch the fancy of people as much as the storyline—which is all about who wins and who dies.

Wondering what the Lajpat Nagar connection is? The Game of Thrones costumes and tents (yeah, the same one that you watch on show) are actually manufactured in Lajpat Nagar. Yes, please take a moment to gulp that fact down.
Established in 1945 as a supplier of military ceremonial uniforms and accoutrements, Rangrasons began sourcing fabrics, furniture and architectural pieces for period films with the 1982 biopic, ‘Gandhi’, and hasn’t looked back since.

There is a company called Rangrasons in the area which exists since 1945 and it supplies military ceremonial uniforms as well as accoutrements.
Today, the brand has added to its credit, a number of iconic films and tv series like Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander, Prince of Persia, Captain America, Wrath of the Titans, Avengers, and Game of Thrones, amongst others.

Besides sourcing all kinds of production requirements, the brand also helps assist shoots – in terms of organising spectacular locations and designing sets, within India.

Still wondering whether what you read is true?

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