Yashasvi Jaiswal: Sold golgappe for living, but had only one dream in eyes.

Yashasvi like any other had a dream since childhood, to be a cricketer. But the financial condition of the family was not such that the son could be made a cricketer. Yashavi insisted on sending him to Mumbai to a relative, and his father sent him.

Yashasvi came to Mumbai, but his relative did not have enough space to live there. In a dairy located in the Kalbadevi area, he found gold instead of sleeping on the condition that he would also work there. Yashasvi said yes, but it could not happen. After practicing cricket throughout the day, he would fall asleep when he returned in the evening. The dairyman asked them to make their own arrangements elsewhere.

After this, search for new hideout started. Azad Maidan, called the nursery of Mumbai cricket, became a new home for Yashasvi at the age of 11. Here he started living in tents with the groundsman at the Muslim United Club. Here too a condition was laid for his stay. Yashasvi was told that he would have to perform well. Celebrities would play cricket throughout the day and sleep here at night. He was also given the job of cooking here. Yashasvi did many things to earn money. 

Apart from all this, he also sold Golgappas during Ramlila to be held at Azad Maidan. Many times it used to happen that he was selling Golgappas and his fellow players would come there. Seeing him coming, he would leave the famous hand and run away from there. When the handicraftsman would ask them, he would say, “What would happen if they saw me like this?” I can do everything but cannot feed them Golgappa. ‘ Despite all this, he never forgot the goal of his life.

The struggle was going on, but Yashasvi could not get any special recognition. Then his family members decided to call him back home. Meanwhile, during the practice at Azad Maidan in 2013, one day he was caught by coach Jwala Singh.

He was impressed by both Yashasvi’s struggle and the game and decided to give him coaching. This is where the days of this young player started changing. 

June 2018 was nothing short of a dream for fame. He got a place in the Under-19 team against Sri Lanka. However, in the opening matches, he could not fully meet expectations. In the first two matches, his bat did not get runs. He was dropped from the team for the third and fourth matches.

When he again got a place in the fifth ODI, it was a do or die match for him. He not only hit the match Jitau hundred but also won the series to the team.

After this, he was the famous player of the tournament in the Under 19 Asia Cup in 2018. His performance in the tri-series in England was also excellent. He scored four half-centuries in seven matches here. His bat is also roaring in this season of Vijay Hazare Trophy. Prior to this double century, he has scored three centuries in the same season. Now Yashasvi has only one dream. Making a place in the Indian team.

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