“When the teacher was out I used to grab boys and kiss them”: Kalki Koechlin

On Tara Sharma Show, Kalki Koechlin revealed that she would be extremely well-behaved in front of her teachers but was “very-naughty” behind their backs.

“I was very naughty in class, but I was a teacher’s pet. When the teachers were out, I was making dirty jokes and I was grabbing boys and kissing them. I was terrible!” she said.

“You know how boys have that phase, right before puberty, where they hate girls? I would find it really fun to go and chase them, and try to kiss them and stuff. They would be like, ‘Eww, we’ll get girl disease!’ then back at home, my mother was a disciplinarian so I was very quiet and different at home,” Kalki added.

Actress Kalki Koechlin shared her school life experience and told how naughty she was during her school days.

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