Trouble in heaven: Kapil sharma breaks up with his fiance

Kapil Sharma and his fiancee Ginni Chatrath have reportedly parted ways. As we all know that Kapil Sharma is suffering from extremely bad situation of his life. After his health issues, his show has been shut down temporarily. Kapil also confess that he started drinking a lot of alcohol.
Kapil Sharma announced his relationship about a year ago and he was also ready to get married with his lady. Now, the question which comes to our mind are what happened between them? Who is responsible for their separation?
According to sources Kapil fallout from love with his girlfriend, this happened because of a female member on the Kapil Sharma show sets.
The source said, “This team member has been working against Kapil’s interests all the time. But he refuse to hear a word against her. He is so emotional that he won’t accept that someone so close to him can deceive him and work against his interests. When rumours linking Kapil to this team member – spread by the team member herself – gathered momentum, Kapil prevent himself from those rumours by announcing his marriage plans with Ginny. Now even that is off. This team member makes sure to shut away Kapil and everyone who comes close to him.”
So curious to know who the lady is? Well the time will only let us know what the whole matter is, till then stay connected with our page.

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