This version of “Ooh La La” by these European singers is mesmerizing

Hindi music is undoubtedly mesmerising and especially when it is sung by some foreigners, it’s beauty increases even more.

Nothing sounds more cute than a foreigner trying to speak hindi. You all definitely remember Vidya Balan’s item number ‘Ooh Lala’ from the Dirty Picture.
Shereya Ghoshal’s voice and Bappi Da’s retro touch in the song definitely makes you tap your feet. Now listen to this version of the song.

These foreign singers are actually singing in Hindi and the voices are their actual voices and not lip sync.

The video was produced by Olialia groups and this video has already generated 200,000 views in globally on Facebook since it was posted on FB last night.

The title of the song is *OooH La La* and the name of the company is also Olialia (pronounced as Ooh la la).

The three singers in the video are:

Oksana Pikul
Skaiste Skausnaite
Monika Monikita

The video is in preparation of the launch of Olialia Cola, Olialia Cigarettes, Alcoholic Beverages and Debit cards they are launching in India this summer.

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