These Two TV Stars Are Lesbians, Who Relish To Even Smell Each Other’s Clothes!

Hook up rumours of bollywood and tv stars are one of the most common things you’ll ever read in the entertainment section of news. But this neWS is something really very different and will blow your mind.
Two actresses of TV industry have developed sexual attraction for each other and are leaving no stone unturned in PDA even if and when they’re surrounded by friends.

One of their friends, who has spoken to us on condition of anonymity, says that it is unlikely that their bond, err, lust is immensely strong— and would hence last quite sometime for sure.

The younger one has been a lesbian and nobody in the industry is aware of any relationship of hers with any member of the opposite sex.

The older one was straight and head-over-heels in love with a TV star, but is now single.This female has been embroiled in a controversy or two in the past few years, and sources close to her say that she hankers for attention.

The younger one is currently doing a TV show, which has chained her from meeting her partner who is falsely rumoured to have found a new boyfriend.

How they fell for each other is still not known, but did lust or even love ever have a reason?

Who seduced whom is still not known, but it is common sense that the younger one took the initiative.

On the professional front, neither of the two has struck gold. But still, both of them are extremely well-known.

While the younger one is busy fighting a few battles, the older lesbian (to remind you, she was straight earlier) is often spending time alone smelling the younger one’s clothes. We wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying them on too. Loneliness and Desire is a Heady Mix.

Aren’t you dying to know their names or wishing to check with us in soft whispers if you have hit the bull’s eye?

Nobody should have a problem with the fun that the two are having in their lives. To each his own

But are we giving this way? No way.

The Awws over this relationship are getting louder by the minute and you might get to hear about their identities from someone or the other.

Till then, keep guessing…

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