The man who fought the battle with Cancer: Yuvraj Singh; Birthday Special

Who can forget the six sixes of Twenty-Twenty world Cup 2007, against England, by the Vice-Captain of his time? A young handsome and successful cricketer who the charm of his time.

Yuvraj started his career in International cricket in 2000, and in no time he became the star of Indian cricket. Yuvraj is son of Yograj Singh, former Indian bowler, thus has cricket in his genes. It was during the time of the World Cup when he would wake up in the middle of the night and would find difficult to breathe and used to cough immensely. After the world cup, he went scan of the chest cavity, which revealed a tumor but like anyone, he could not believe it and ignored it and kept playing matches. In January, when further tests were conducted that showed the tumor was serious- a germ cell cancer called mediastinal seminoma was diagnosed, which was located in between his heart and left lung and it was as large as 14 centimeters like a ball over his chest which was a concern. And then, in 2011, it got worse, and he had faced his disease seriously.

Yuvraj’s doctor planned chemotherapy and on 26 January he went to the US, later from February he started his chemotherapy session which ended in March. Along with his treatment, he also took Ayurveda treatment and went for rehabilitation in May.

Cancer is a deadly disease that can scare a person, only by its name. After his batter, Yuvraj said “Don’t be scared… Be positive… Please don’t think that your life is about to end… Take the right advice and act as soon as possible… If there is an issue in your system, don’t ignore it… Look at me I never thought I would get the chance to again play for India, but I’ve beaten cancer… God has given m this opportunity and my love for cricket has brought me back. I see this alone as a huge achievement… the experience has made me stronger… if you’re strong you automatically become a positive person. Cancer doesn’t mean you are going to die.”

Later in April 2012, Yuvraj made his comeback with Twenty-Twenty against New Zealand in September and is still a star and pride of India.

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