SHOCKING: Neha Kakkar breaks down at a wedding stage

Neha Kakkar is one of the most popular female singers in Bollywood, with many hits songs under her belt including Ladki Beautiful and Kaala Chashma. Her popular resume means that she is a hot ticket at stage shows and big fat Indian weddings.

However a recent shaadi left the singer in tears.

Neha usually does not sing at weddings and sticks to pre-wedding functions. However at a recent event, when she landed up at the venue, she realised that the organisers had lied to her. It was not a pre-wedding ceremony, rather it was the main wedding where she was to sing.

Being a thorough professional, she decided to carry on with the show. Mind you, the singer was already unwell and the crowds at the wedding just made her condition worse.

What happened next, left her aghast. She vented out her anger with a Facebook post. Check it out:

She said, “Such a Sad thing.. When you’re a Celebrity people Don’t take you as a Human being, for them you’re just a Puppet.. Was performing for a Wedding today though we always say No to Wedding Day Gigs, We do Pre Weddings.. So today the event company fooled us by saying it’s a Pre Wedding Gig when I landed they told us it’s the Wedding Day only.. So anyway I had to perform since we had already promised.. After being Unwell I performed for 60 mins and gave my 100% after 60 mins I coudnt perform more and came down, told the organiser that I’m not feeling well I’ve to leave, they said You Cannot Move from here until you Perform More.. I told those people I’m sorry I won’t be able to perform more, I’m not in a condition to perform but they all Kept on Clicking Pics with Me even after knowing the fact that I’m not well and I had to go on stage again and then I broke down on stage itself.. Coudnt control my tears.. Regretted being a celebrity for a sec. today….. I know whatever I am today it’s because of You guys.. But don’t I deserve a break when I’m not well? 😢(sic).”

Singer-composer Armaan Malik replied to Neha’s post by saying, “Seriously take a break. I completely understand and feel you. It’s enough. We’ve had enough of Only thinking and doing things for and according to others. Do something for you.. you only get your life once (sic)”

We too stand by Neha. No one deserves to be treated like this.

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