Shocking! Deepika Padukone losses temper and threatens to go to court.

Bollywood celebrities have been known for their rude behaviour and tantrums. There is a long list of these stars who misbehaved with their fans quite a few times. Such behaviour is a direct invitation to controversy but they lose a big number of fans. This time the name added in the list is quite shocking because this actor is well known for her calm and composed behaviour. Deepika Padukone has reportedly threatened her society members to take a small matter to the court. According to the reports of an online media portal, the actor reportedly contacted the media as she wasn’t allowed to park her car in the Pali Hill building where she has apparently rented out a flat.
The reports haven’t left the residents very pleased and the matter has escalated to such an extent that the secretary of PHRA (Pali Hill Residents Association), Madhu Poplai, has reportedly said, “I am shocked that Deepika has resorted to going public over a small difference of opinion which is definitely not a dispute. I call her beta in almost every sentence I speak to her, and do you know that she threatened to go to the media talking against me and even drag me to Court?”
When she was reportedly asked as to what had actually transpired, she apparently said, “Nothing much, if you ask me. Deepika called me to say that she wanted to park her car in Cozy Home B Block compound (her flat is B 702). I explained to her that it is not possible for me to give her that facility because if a flat owner leaves his flat for more than 8 months, he/she cannot park his/her car in our premises. Moreover, if they have a tenant staying in their flat now, then he/she must possess a car- which Deepika’s tenant does not.”

Poplai added, “Deepika got so fired up that she told me that she would see me in Court. Well, I did shoot back that I too would see her in Court. How else do you expect me to counter? By the way, I was all along Madhu aunty for her. Suddenly, I became just Madhu before she ended the conversation.”
When asked if Padukone was facing this because of her celebrity status, Poplai apparently said, “Totally untrue. We gave her special permission to use the terrace for her yoga. We gave her special permission to use our lawn for her gym activities. In fact, it was her PA who displayed rather a bad behavior as and when she visited our building, woh scooter par aati thi. We always treated Deepika like family. And let me tell you one more thing. Deepika installed some pipe in the balcony of her flat. This pipe leaks and wets the compound and the flats underneath her’s, every now and then. Mind you, we sent her several messages- but to no avail.”
On asking if she had visited the apartments recently, the secretary said, “Rubbish. Deepika has not visited Cozy Home since the past 6-8 months. She should prove it that she drove in and we did not allow her to park.”

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