Oops! Nawaz got physically attracted to this girl

Here again, the B-Town has successfully created a buzz on Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s revelation, just like his biography, “An Ordinary Life have created a buzz.”

After all, it is about our favourite superstar’s disclosure on the woman of his life.

The equation between the actor and Miss Lovely starrer, Niharika Singh is something which people were unaware of.

The excerpts of the biography revealed Ms Niharika was in a physical relationship with Nawazuddin and was satisfying his needs.

His tell-all biography made an awful revelation, where Nawazuddin voiced how the actress made him feel frustrated calling him often.

As the biography unfolds, we get to know how the actress went on to expect sugary talks between them but Nawaz being Nawaz had a plain aim to go to her house just to make out.

On this, the actor said, “Niharika expected sweet conversations that lovers have, to take place between us but I had a plain aim to make out with her and leave. It finally struck her that I was a rascal who cared only for himself.”

Disclosing how the love story got ended, Nawaz told that they separated cutting off all contacts.

Now, this ordinary life has always created a buzz!

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