OMG! Tamanna Bhatia will marry this Pakistani cricketer

Bahubali’s actress Tamanna Bhatia, the highest-grossing film of Indian cinema, has made her own identity in cinema. Tamanna Bhatia, who is competing with Deepika Padukone for Priyanka Chopra, is on the seventh sky of the cinema world. After the movie Bahubali, Tamanna Bhatia has been everywhere.

Recently a chaotic news has come to the fore that Tamanna is bound to get married to former Pakistani cricketer Abdul Razzaq. Both were seen together in a Jewellery showroom in Dubai. Tamanna Bhatia has said in an interview that she will be tied with Abdul Razzaq in the bondage of marriage.

But Tamana Bhatia will tell the truth about this fact. The most shocking news is that Abdul Razzaq and Tamanna Bhatia are in this relationship for 1 year.

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