‘Nude Yoga Girl’ is inspiring the world on Instagram

The Nude Yoga Girl Instagram account is encouraging followers to share their own nude photos—and embrace their body in the process.

Since 2015, the anonymous photographer and model popularly known as Nude Yoga Girl has been sharing artistic, nude, self-portraits on Instagram—most of which capture her in the middle of a super-challenging yoga pose. The images are raw and real and are often paired with captions that promote self-love.

It’s no wonder that over the past few years, her stunning photography and her body-positive messages have helped her gain 672,000 followers, many of whom are now sharing nude yoga photos of their own. These photos were prompted by Nude Yoga Girl after she asked her followers to share their own naked yoga pictures using the hashtag #NYGyoga to help promote body diversity.

“It’s much more than just the actual photo,” Nude Yoga Girl said of nude photos. “I think about it as an experience to really connect with your body, be there with it in a natural way. It’s the positive experience, photo, and caption together. The empowering feeling they get from it. That makes me happy.”

Check out some of the stunning photos below.


“She wore a thousand faces all to hide her own.” ❤

‘Body confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got’.. I love how much #nygyoga is trending now! Plus i love how i made in to a @cosmopolitanuk article! #yoga #yogaeverydamday #yogalove #nakedyoga #bodyconfidence #chairtwist.

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