Justin Bieber’s resemblance with a piece of toasted bread is uncanny! Decide yourself

Celebrities. Be it of Bollywood or from Hollywood, these stars are always a fashion inspiration. Some of them are so good that they even become trendsetters for the fashion world. But sometimes, just sometimes they turn up to be *ahem* disasters.
You all will agree to this that sometimes the celebrity dress-ups are so weird that you start questioning their sanity.
In Bollywood Ranveer Singh, the Bajirao is always in news for his weird style statement. No arguments that he carries it really well but yeah weird is weird.
Now let’s take our steps further to Hollywood.
Justin Bieber has turned out to be a tough competition for our Ranveer. His dress-up was so weird this time that actually people started comparing him to a toasted bread!
Surprising enough? Decide for yourself:

A hilarious collection of images collated by BoredPanda see celebrities inadvertantly ‘twinning’ with an unlikely collection of counterparts.

It’s highly unlikely to have occurred to Justin Bieber when he stepped out in a fur shawl that he resembled a toasted sandwich – but when the two are placed next to one another the similarities are impossible to miss.

And it isn’t just celebrities who are looking about the house for outfit inspiration with unsuspecting members of the public compared to inanimate objects.

Daring fashionistas take note – these photos might just make you rethink your animal print leggings!

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