Jiah Khan’s mother appeals to PM Narendra Modi for justice

Late actor Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan has started an online signature campaign to reach out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Left with “no choice” but to approach PM Modi, Rabia also wrote a four-page letter to him earlier this morning. She says that after four years, all she is looking for is closure.

Jiah was found dead on June 3, 2013. The initial investigation was done by the Juhu police, which concluded that it was a case of suicide. Jiah’s boyfriend, actor Sooraj Pancholi, was arrested for abetting her suicide and was released on bail later.NEXT

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Rabiya Khan, the mother of late Bollywood actor Jiah Khan, who committed suicide in 2013, has written an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi beseeching him for justice. In the letter, Rabiya Khan has decried the slackness shown by the CBI in conducting the investigation in her daughter’s death that she claims was not suicide at all, but a murder. She said that the injuries on Jiah Khan’s body show that it was a murder made to look like a suicide. “…that the injuries on my daughter’s body are inconsistent with the alleged suicidal hanging and all forensic evidence strongly suggest that she was murdered and then hanged to make it look like a suicide,” an except from the open letter read.
She pulled up the CBI for being willfully careless when the case was transferred to them. “For some reason, CBI was reluctant to take over the case from the beginning, and in fifteen months of delay in their findings, the CBI investigation got compromised. It would be an insult to the capabilities of the CBI to say that CBI just failed to conduct a proper investigation. There is no doubt CBI has all the powers and skills required to get to the bottom of my daughter’s death. But somehow, the CBI investigation went off track, for reasons best known to them. Instead, CBI’s own independent forensic expert opinion is inconclusive and does not rule out either homicide or suicide,” she said.
She also pointed out that a forensic investigation had proved that the ‘suicide’ was actually a murder. “The forensic expert Jason Payne-James in his report clearly states that this appears to be a staged homicide. So I approached the Hon’ble High Court earlier this year with all the relevant grievances and expert reports requesting reinvestigation by an SIT. CBI opposed, but the Hon’ble High Court noted in its order that all the points raised in my petition can be submitted to the trial court.”

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