India is at World Hip Hop Championship 2016 !

Proudly introducing ‘Blitzkrieg Dance Crew’ a group of 22 spearheaded and hardworking people from Manipal who have qualified for the first time for World Hip Hop Championship 2016 which is to be held at Las Vegas, Nevada.

They won the Hip Hop International India and were declared “India’s best mega crew.” Now that’s quite an achievement.
But at present they are arranging funds for their Las Vegas Venture and which will cost them around 4.5 Lakhs.

hip hop 2

In order to get this amount they have turned to the people of India for help in form of donations. All they want to do is raise a fund and participate in the ‘world hip hop championship.’

They are circulating a message through the most powerful tool i.e. social media. They have posted a link on their website which will guide you to a page where you can help them by donating some money.

Here’s the link if you wish to add a penny to their dreams.

Everyone who can should help the Indian champs conquer their dreams.

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