India!! Get Ready To Watch Dhinchak Pooja In Bigg Boss Season 11

The audience is ready to watch this season Big Boss11. A fresh a piece of information has surfaced and it will blow your mind. The latest internet sensation hitting all the social sites Dhinchak Pooja has been roped in to be a contestant on the show.

Well, most of the viewers are surprised to know about this news, the Dhinchak girl owing to her cringe-worthy songs become an internet sensation.

The most popular songs of her hits(sic), selfie mene leli aaj and Dillon ka shooter got famous and also gave few interviews. She said that she didn’t give a damn about naysayers and knows her songs have the ability to go viral. well, it’s hard to disagree with her.

Well, the audience must be excited to watch her in the reality show to know little about her, we wonder if she will come as a celebrity or a commoner.

By: Rinki Chauhan

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