Guess who?! This guy in the picture with Akshay Kumar is todays Bollywood superstar

You must have seen thousands of throw back or childhood pictures of Bollywood stars. Some of them are easy to recognisewhile others may drool your mind and you’ll spend all the time thinking ‘puberty has hit them really hard!’.

One such picture came out on internet recentlywhere we can see khiladi Akshay Kumar with a little kid. The picture seems to be quite old. So here’s the task! Guess who this boy is.

This child, seen in the picture, has become a superstar of Bollywood today and is also giving a hit films after one.

You will be surprised to know that this young child with Akshay is none other than Bollywood actress Ranvir Singh. Whom we know as Bajirao. Let me tell you that this picture of Akshay Kumar and Ranvir Singh is about 20 years old. This photo was shared some time ago by Ranvir on his Twitter account.

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