Fans freak out as Kate and Leo look cosy while on holiday together

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have been fueling romance rumors ever since the days of Titanic.

Fans from all over the world swoon at their every move, however nothing ever seemed to confirm that there was anything other than friendship at hand.

But last night, pictures surfaced online of the pair on holiday together and we have to say, they look damn cosy.

The French holiday comes as a pleasant surprise for Leo-Kate fans, but no, there doesn’t seem to be anything romantic about this vacation. The two have been thick friends – BFFs, if you will – for decades now and Saint-Tropez is helping the friends spend some we-time.

But fans are not giving up hope. It’s been 20 years since Leo and Kate appeared together on that ship in that film, and people are still keeping their fingers crossed about seeing them dating in real life.

Of course, the minute these pictures surfaced on Twitter, fans began to freak out.

To be honest, they’re probably so close because they know each other for so many years… but we’ll let the fans believe what they want to.

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