Famous chef Gordon Ramsay called Priyanka’s daal-khichdi a ‘Dog food’!

Gordon Ramsay, the celebrated international chef, is known for his caustic remarks and feedback sessions, especially when he used to be the judge for the popular cooking reality show, Masterchef series. He also has this tradition he has started on Twitter where his followers send him pics of whatever they had made and he replies back to some of them with his trademark acidic witty remarks. So when he was called on Andy Cohen’s talk show, What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, he was asked to carry on the same tradition on the show as well. Andy Cohen is known to play pranks and gags on his guests, and this was a great opportunity to pull one on Gordon.

So when Gordon was on the show, Andy Cohen asked him to roast certain dishes that popular celebrities have posted on their Insta timeline, without revealing which celeb has posted that dish. Gordon was hesitant at first, knowing this was certainly trouble, but he agreed to play along. So after he was shown dishes made by Martha Stewart, Chrissy Teigen and Kristin Cavallari and he roasted them royally, he was shown the below picture that Priyanka Chopra had posted on her Insta timeline sometime back…

That was the lunch Priyanka had when she was sick – dal khichdi and chicken soup – but Gordon had no love for the dish. He actually called the food as dog dinner out of all things! He said, “Shittttt…I mean it looks like a dog’s dinner.”

Here’s the video…

Don’t know about Priyanka Chopra, but we are really pissed off with Ramsay for trolling our favourite dal khichdi. Can someone make him sample this dish once to show him how awesome it is? Perhaps Priyanka herself should do the honours

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