Ex-flames Katrina kaif and Ranbir Kapoor new patch-up pact?, we have all the deets!

KatBir Lovers, Calm down! Ranbir and Katrina ain’t patching up as long as their relationship is concerned but finally Ranbir and Katrina decides to put their relationship matter aside and come together to promote their much-delayed upcoming movie Jagga Jasoos.

For a long time, the media have been speculating whether Ranbir and Katrina will come together to promote their movie Jagga Jasoos or not. It has been over a year since the exes parted ways and neither Ranbir nor Katrina ever spoke to media about their breakup. So it’s obivious, if they do come together to promote their upcoming movie, their fans and media would definitely want to know what’s happening between them. There were reports earlier that Katrina is reluctant to promote ‘Jagga Jasoos’ with Ranbir also. Which was final nail in the coffin for Anurag Basu’s delayed as hell upcoming movie.

Well the good news is BollywoodLife has confirmed that Ranbir and Katrina or ‘KatBir’ are indeed coming together to promote their movie Jagga Jasoos. Sources close to Ranbir has said that the film director, Anurag Basu sat them down and told them how he wanted both of them to promote it and managed to convince them as well. The director guarantees ‘Katrina’ that it will not be Awkward for her and Ranbir. Katrina and Ranbir are currently on the same page as far as film promotions are concerned. Huhh! Tough job Mr. Basu, Good news for you guys as well as your favourite onscreen couple can finally shares the spotlight together.

Now the big question is, Is Ranbir and Katrina are comfortable talking about their relationship matter in public? After all We all wanted to know what went wrong between them. More than that, we are glad to know that they decided to come together for their film and act like mature individuals in the moment.

Talking about Jagga Jasoos, the trailer has well recieved by the audience.’Jagga Jasoos’ directed by Anurag Basu and will be releasing on April 7, 2017. The movie tells the story of a teenage detective, who is in search of his missing father.

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