Brace Yourself……Singing sensation ‘Taher Shah’ has hit the Internet Again with ‘Humanity Love’!

Brace yourself. The year 2017 has kickstarted with singer Taher Shah’s latest gift to his fans (pun intended) – he released his latest album, Humanity Love.

And yet again, not his song but this Pakistani singer’s attire got extreme reactions from the Twitterati, who nearly had a meltdown post watching the video. Dressed in a gold gown with hair styled in a top bun, Taher is seen stroking a white cat in the creepiest possible way. What more, doing so he is spreading the message of loving mankind!

Towards the end, the video will see focusing on Taher’s side profile and bwoy that sleazy smile trying-to-look-sexy is all things bizarre!

We wish humanity is spared from this kind of experience..

Watch the video here:

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