A plus size model, shamming the stereotypes in the world of modelling. Watch the video here.

That stardom. Those flashy camera lights. Those press conferences. Those selfies with fans around. Everything is fancy in a life of a star, or a model. But there’s a harsh reality that hardly ever get noticed. Condition to be in size zero.

This condition shatters the dream of many potential models. In a modeling world, size zero is what they need. If you don’t have that “perfect size”, your chance of getting into a modeling world will forever be a dream. But we have a model that is breaking all the stereotypes with her 14 size.

A model who’s in love to flaunt her 14 size. This lady is shamming all the stereotypes that are associated. Iskra Lawrence, a 14 size model who hails from England, U.K, models for Aerie. In one her video on her instagram page, which she shared with her fans, is applauded and garnered more than 6,00,000 views since it was posted online. Click on to watch her video now.

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