9 Facts About Irrfan Khan, A Superstar Whose Talent Will Be Remembered Forever

One of the many quotes by a person who is synonymous to fine acting, Indian cinema, screen power and not just getting into a character but also being the reason for that character being etched in our memories, Irrfan Khan. He is a talented powerhouse of acting that brings alive any character that he plays on screen with his expressions, body language and amazingly effortless acting skills.

1. Birth in a royal family

Irrfan Khan was born to a Muslim Pathan family on 7th January 1967 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His father was the late Jagirdar Khan from village Khajuria near the Tonk district. His mother, Begum Khan belonged to the Tonk hakim family. Irrfan Khan’s father ran a tyre business.

2. Irrfan real name is Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan.

3. Not a planned career

Getting into films was not what Irrfan Khan had planned for. He was interested in a career in cricket, however, his parents were not too keen on it. It was after he earned a scholarship in NSD that he took to making a career in acting.

4. The ‘R’ emphasis

The additional ‘r’ in his name Irrfan is not because of numerology as commonly perceived. He got his name changed in 2012 by adding an extra ‘r’ only because he liked the sound of it.

5. Irrfan has a unique wish

One of Irrfan Khan’s wishes from early days has been to gift his mother a suitcase full of cash just like how they do in movies.

6. When his name got him into trouble

Irrfan Khan was detained at a US airport, like Shah Rukh Khan, simply because his name is similar to a 33 year old terrorist’s.

7. First job in Mumbai

When he arrived in Mumbai, he started working as an air condition repair man. It is even said that one of first houses he visited for repairing services was that of the legend Rajesh Khanna.

8. He was not allowed to mobile phone

Irrfan Khan after being diagnosed with tumor, was not allowed to use mobile phone by his doctors due to the radiation by mobile phones.

9. Wanted to give up acting at one point of time

At one point of time in his career he was majorly doing televisions shows and none of the films that he acted in proved to be successful. It became very monotonous for him and it drove him to almost give up on acting. However, acting in The Warrior, made by Asif Kapadia, made him change his mind.

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