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Gautam Gambhir denied all speculations of joining politics

Gautam Gambhir denied all speculations of joining politics

In a recent tweet, GG said that he is not thinking of joining politics at all, it was just a rumour. “There have been speculative stories that I am joining politics. Please allow me to clarify that there’s no truth in this. At the moment, I am merely a retired cricketer. Who like all of you are waiting for India to win series in Australia”,  Gambhir tweeted.

After his interview with Arnab Goswami and his tweets, there were many speculations about Gambhir to join politics. A report was revealed by Dainik Jagran where it stated that BJP is likely to give a ticket to the veteran Indian batsman.

It further stated that Gambhir will not be the first athlete to join politics after a career in cricket. However, he has confirmed that he is not at all thinking of joining politics.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the 106th edition of Indian Science Congress at Jalandhar today. An annual program which witness top scientific minds of the country. The theme of this year’s ISC-2019 is ‘Future India-Science and Technology’.

This year, the program is being hosted by Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar from January 3-7. The PM is likely to take a ride in a driverless bus made by the students and faculties of the university. 3oo engineering students from Mechanical, Electrical and IT departments developed the bus in a period of 12 months.

The bus costing 6 lakh can board 10-30 people and has a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. The bus is suitable for use at airports. After the program, PM Modi will address a public meeting in Gurdaspur.   

On the Rafale Deal, Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP, See how Arun Jaitley responded to RAGA’s allegations

On the Rafael Deal, Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP, See how Arun Jaitley responded to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations

Once again in the Lok Sabha, there was a debate between the Government and the opposition on the Rafael airline deal. Like the last monsoon session of Parliament, in the current winter season, the Rafael deal has created the land of a political war between the Congress and the Modi Government. Congress has attacked the Modi government against on the Rafael airline deal.

What did Rahul Gandhi say in the Lok Sabha?

1) Hours before the debate was to start under a rule does not provide for voting, the Congress had upped the ante and released what it called, was a conversation of an unnamed individual with Goa Minister Vishwajit Rane. In this, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, the minister is heard claiming that Goa CM Manohar Parrikar told his cabinet colleagues that he had a file on Rafale “lying in his bedroom”. Randeep later told reporters that the tape is doctored and was a “desperate attempt” by the Congress. Rahul Gandhi sought permission to play this tape but did not agree to authenticate it, a requirement when a document is presented in parliament. In the pandemonium that followed, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan briefly adjourned the house.

 2) Even after saying this, He alleged that the Prime Minister himself cancelled France’s old deal of Rafael by going to France. After this, the contract with Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) was terminated and got the deal with Anil Ambani’s company. When Rahul Gandhi was taking the name of Anil Ambani, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan refused to do so. Sumitra Mahajan said that the person who is not a member of the parliament can not named the charge and take charge in the house. After this, Rahul Gandhi used code word ‘AA’ instead of the name of the company owner.

3) Rahul said, “There are new disclosures made on the issue related to the Rafael scam, but the Modi government has made a silence about this issue. The Prime Minister last long prolonged speech in this House but did not say a word on Rafael’s deal.

4) The Congress President said that initially, he thought about the deal, ‘there is some black in the dal’ but as the time passed and the layers attached to it became clear, it became clear that there is nothing black in the pulse but the whole The whole dal is black. ‘

5) Rahul Gandhi, while targeting the Modi government, said that this government changed the deal of 126 aircraft to 36. Rahul Gandhi also said why the list of requirements of Air Force was changed.

6) He called it a huge scam and said that it should be investigated by the Joint Committee of Parliament (JPC) so that ‘milk of milk and water of water’ can happen. He said that PM Modi is not only getting the finger on this deal but it is clear that he has made a big scandal in this deal. They have violated all rules related to defence procurement.

7) Rahul said that the Prime Minister said that Rafael is not raising any question in the matter, the country is asking him the questions directly.

8) Party President Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister does not have the courage to face questions (Rafael) in the Parliament.

9)Rahul Gandhi also asked why these aircraft have not come so far.

Arun Jaitley responding to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations

1) On  the other hand, Arun Jaitley reversed Rahul Gandhi and said that it is the misfortune of the country that the leader of the old party does not know anything about the Rafale aircraft. Some families of the country understand the math of money, they have no connection with the security of their country. Attacking Congress on the Bofors and Herald, he said that the Congress had conspired. The conspirators of defense deals are blaming us today. Jaitley said that the Rafale aircraft are needed for the country so that the army can be strengthened.

2) Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, Arun Jaitley used ‘Q’, ‘Mrs. Gandhi’ and ‘R’ code in Parliament. Arun Jaitley said that when he was younger then why he was playing in the ‘Q’ lap, which is related to the Bofors scandal. At that time an email had said that ‘Q’ must definitely be avoided. After this, some bank accounts were also brought out by the name ‘Q’. Arun Jaitley said why the words ‘Mrs. Gandhi’, ‘R’, ‘Italian Lady’, ‘son of Italian Lady’ were used in that email. The Finance Minister said that from the National Herald case to the Augusta Westland case, the name of the same family came out.

3) The topic of party politics comes in JPC. In the Bofors case, the JPC had said that no bribe was given in it. Now they are demanding JPC to get a chance to form a case against a clean government. While interfering in discussions on the issue of the Rafael aircraft deal, Jaitley said, “This is a case in which from starting till end. whatever has been said, is completely false Arun Jaitley said.

4) Jaitley said that today they have brought a tape and are not confirming it because it is wrong. It is completely concocted. These things are wrong and flawed.

5)The Finance Minister said that on the basis of the deal that was done in 2016, the price of bare aircrafts was 9% lower than the cost of UPA and talked about arms with aircraft, it was also 20 compared to the UPA Percent was cheap.

6) Jaitley said that whether an industrial household has benefited. The Congress party is also unaware of the offset, it is sad. Offset means that if you deal with a foreigner then you have to buy some goods in your country. It is about buying 30-50% of the goods of Rafael in India.

7) The total offset of Rs. 29 thousand crore rupees and the charge of Rs. 1.30 lakh crore is being imposed. The offset is for the aircraft manufacturer.

8) HAL was seeking 2.7 times more time. The army was seeking the aircraft soon. In this regard, in 2016, at the current government level, the agreement was reached on better terms than UPA. The Finance Minister said that the Supreme Court was satisfied with the Rafale aircraft, but the Congress’ electoral need was not satisfied.

9) The whole process was followed during Rafael’s purchase There were 74 meetings of the contract negotiation committee, price negotiation committee etc. This information was given to the Supreme Court. After this, it went to the Defense Purchase Council and then the approval of Cabinet Committee on Security was taken.

10) Arun Jaitley said that he was asked why the Rafale aircraft has not come so far, let me tell them that the UPA had a compromise that the aircraft would be supplied after 11 years of the agreement.

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Mafia Atiq Ahmed shifted to High-Security jail

Mafia Atiq Ahmed shifted to High-Security jail.

Don Atiq Ahmed, a former MP is shifted to a high-security Bareily district jail after he allegedly kidnapped a real estate man from Lucknow and threatened him to transfer his business to him.

The real estate business, Mohit Jaiswal filed an FIR that he was kidnapped from Lucknow and taken to Deoria jail where he was threatened by Don Atiq Ahmed who forced him to transfer his business to him.

After investigating, police has suspended three officials of Deoria jail has been suspended and a departmental enquiry has been set up against two officials.

Union minister Anupriya Patel said BJP Upper Division is doing injustice with Party Workers

Union minister Anupriya Patel said BJP Upper Division is doing injustice with Party Workers

Mirzapur Union minister Anupriya Patel on Saturday said that the entire problem was with the BJP’s overriding unit between the Bharatiya Janata Party and its Allies. There is no fight for seats in Lok Sabha elections. The NDA’s ally party had made its party campaign for PM Modi in Ghazipur and Banaras. Even before this national president of this party had alleged that BJP’s state leadership is not respecting party workers.

BJP Ally Apna Dal’s Anupriya, who reached the Rotary program in a private school in the city, addressed the forum praising PM Narendra Modi and said that he has recognized India at the international level. Speaking to the reporters after the program concluded that they have kept the issue in front of the party president in detail. I do not have to say anything more than this.

Anupriya Patel said, “She has a complaint with the BJP upper division member. Whatever is the issue, the President of the party has kept him extensively. I do not have to say anything more than this. I agree with them. Have left the party side We expect central leadership to solve whatever problems are resolved right away. Our problem is from Uttar Pradesh BJP. We have kept this matter clearly. We should expect good. “



As New Year eve is coming, Bajran Dal has actively started showing their presence in the city of Bengaluru. They have threatened to ruin the New Year celebration this year. They have given a warning to the party-goers to maintain a discipline and not to party on New Year’s Eve.

“Women roaming the streets drunk is not what our culture is” said Bajrang Dal. They further added that liquor mafia and drug mafias are targeting many hindu girls and are working hard in India to defame Bajrang.

“Alcohol should be banned in Karnataka on December 31st, hookah bars and pubs should also be banned. It is our demand. It will help in reducing accident and molestation cases. Girls roaming around wearing inappropriate dresses are not acceptable. I request the parents to keep a watch on their children”, said Surya Narayan of Bajrang Dal.

However, 15,000 police personnel will be deployed in Bengaluru city ahead of the celebrations.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi hoisted the flag on the 134th foundation day of Congress

Congress president Rahul Gandhi hoisted the flag on the 134th foundation day of Congress.

Today, the Congress Day is being celebrated in the country. Various programs are being organized on this occasion. On the occasion of the 134th foundation day of Congress, party President Rahul Gandhi hoisted the flag and celebrated the cake on Friday.

Gandhi reached party headquarters along with senior leaders and joined the flag hoisting program of the party. After the flag hoisting program, Gandhi cut the cake with former prime minister Manmohan Singh. On the occasion of Congress’s Foundation Day program, party treasurer Ahmed Patel, senior leader Motilal Vora, general secretary Ashok Gehlot and many other leaders and workers were present.

After the program, Ahmed Patel tweeted that 133 years ago today, the world’s largest mass movement began. Since then, this movement has kept itself dedicated towards nation building. He said that history is a witness that those who tried to destroy this movement became the history themselves. This movement is Congress.

Let us tell you that Congress was formed in 1885 in the British Raj. Among his founders, grandfathers like Dada Bhai Naoroji, Ao Hume and Dinsha Prabha were included. When the country got independence in 1947, then Congress became the first major political party in the country. From the independence to the 16 general elections held in 2016, the Congress had won with 6 full majority. Apart from this, four times the Congress led coalition governments at the center. So far, seven Prime Ministers of the country have been from the Congress side. The first number was Jawaharlal Nehru and recently Manmohan Singh was.

The Congress continued to lose in the states since 2014, but the party is in the midst of winning a win in Punjab, then Karnataka and now Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Before going to the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, Congress is totally aggressive, the party’s attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi led by Rahul Gandhi continues.

AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal lost his temper and threatened the journalist.

AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal lost his temper and threatened journalist.

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief of Assam Badruddin Ajmal threatens to blow a journalist. On Wednesday, in a press conference, the journalist had questioned the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it was furious. In Panchayat elections, Ajmal was talking to journalists about winning candidates in South Salma district. The journalist has lodged a complaint against Ajmal’s indecency.

Actually the thing was that When the journalist asked Ajmal about the prospects of his party forming an alliance for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Lok Sabha MP said he will be a part of the Opposition’s mahagathbandhan, Asked if he would support the party that comes to power in New Delhi after the polls, Ajmal lost his temper. He accused reporter for asking him how much money will I be sold to BJP?” he shouted at the journalist, grabbing a mike. Accusing the journalist of targeting him, he added: “Go away, I will smash your head. Go register a case against me.“I have my men in court so you will be finished,” Ajmal added. “You have done this earlier also.” A party leader sitting next to Ajmal then asked the journalist to apologise. “You have misunderstood me,” the journalist said, after apologising. “People gathered there and I was about to be thrashed,” the journalist said later. “I was forced to apologise and I did it to save my life. I have already filed a first information report.”

All India United Democratic Front is a major political party in Assam, which was set up by Badruddin Ajmal in the year 2005. The party is also known as Sarv Indian Joint Ganatantrik Morcha. In the Assam assembly elections of 2016, the party won 13 of the total 126 seats. Also in the Lok Sabha there are three members of the party.

On the occasion of Atal Bihari Vajpayee 94th Birth Anniversary, PM Modi released memento of Rs. 100 Coin

On the occasion of Atal Bihari Vajpayee 94th Birth Anniversary, PM Modi released memento of Rs. 100 Coin

Just a day before Vajpayee’s 94th birth anniversary, PM Modi released a coin worth Rs 100 in honour of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who died this year. In the presence of Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma in the presence of Parliament held in Annexe of Parliament House, PM released this coin. On this occasion, PM Modi said, “Atalji’s life will always be inspiring for future generations, for personal life, for personal life, dedication for nation life.”


Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Minister of State for Culture Mahesh Sharma, BJP national president Amit Shah and veteran BJP leader and Vajpayee’s contemporary LK Advani were also present at the event to release a coin in the memory of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Addressing the people present on the occasion of releasing the memento coin, Modi said that he will go to the memorial of the former prime minister on Tuesday to repeat his commitment to pursue Vajpayee’s ideology and his path shown. Prime Minister Modi said, “Atal ji wanted democracy to be supreme. He created Jana Sangh. when there was a need to save our democracy, he and other people went to the party. In the same way, when it came to talking about the option of staying in power or staying on the ideology, he left the Janata Party and established the BJP.

In his address, PM Modi said that his mind is not ready to believe that Atalji is no longer with us. He was a respected person who loves all sections of society. He said that the party which Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji made has become one of the biggest political parties. He was unique as a speaker. He was one of the best speakers of our country. The Prime Minister said, “Atal Bihari Vajpayee wanted that ‘Democracy should be Supreme”. He created Jana Sangh. But when it came time to save our democracy, he and other people went to the party. In the same way, when it came to talking about the option of staying in power or staying on the ideology, he left the Janata Party and established the BJP.


The Prime Minister also said, “For some people, the power is like oxygen and they can not survive without it. At the same time, on the other hand, Vajpayee spent a long time in public for raising topics related to national interest, “He said. At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji built such a big political organization on the strength of the principles and activists; In time, it expanded across the country.

On the occasion of releasing the coin in memory of the former Prime Minister, Modi said that he will go to the memorial of the former Prime Minister on Tuesday to repeat his commitment to running Vajpayee’s ideology and his path shown.



Karnataka chief minister, HD Kumaraswamy has been caught in a videotape telling someone over a phone call to “kill mercilessly, no problem”. He is telling to kill the attackers of a local leader of his Janata Dal, Honnalagere Prakash.

“Prakash was a good and loyal man, I don’t know who did this and what was their intention behind it. Kill them mercilessly there is no problem “, Kumaraswamy was heard talking in a video clip.

Prakash was a member of his Janata Dal, he was attacked by few men on Monday in South Karnataka’s Mandya district while he was traveling in his car.  In response to this video clip, the chief minister office issued a statement, “the words used after listening to the incident was an emotional outbreak, not an order given by the chief minister”.