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Marriage is one of the most important thing in ones life. People contact different wedding planners to make the day grand. So did a couple in Philippines.

According to a news report in Metro UK, Shine Tamayo and her partner John Chen, a couple from Pasig city, manila, Philippines paid 140,000 pesos (5 lakh) to a wedding planner only to turn the day into a nightmare for them.

First embarrassment was caused when they came to their after-wedding reception and found that the caterers have not served anything. They had to order noodles from the street and had to serve in trays.

After facing this they headed towards to cut their grand wedding cake, only to find that it was made of the Thermocol. However, the wedding planner has been charged with fraud and is waiting for the trial. “This day has become one of the worst days of my life”, said the bride.

ACT OF CANNIBALISM – A man killed his mother cut her into pieces and then drank blood from her Body

ACT OF CANNIBALISM IN CHATTISGARH – A man killed his mother cut her into pieces and then drank blood from her Body

Chattisgarh’s Korba district witnessed an act of cannibalism. A man who used to practice Tantric, killed his mother and was seen drinking the blood oozing out of her body by the neighbours.

A woman saw it and soo shocked that it took her three whole days to file a complaint in the police station. The accused Dilip Yadav chopped his mother’s body into pieces with a help of an axe, drank her blood and then burnt all pieces.

According to neighbours, Dilip always used to blame his mother for the death of his father and brother and his separation from his wife. However, Dilip has not yet been caught by the police.

In a queue to celebrate a unique wedding Gujrat couple designed their invitation in what’s app theme

Gujarati couples created what’s app themed invitation cards

In whole Gujarat, the marriage season is gradually changing its way. Gujarati now wants to do something unique in marriage. Then The couple, who is all set to get married in February, designed the unique wedding card inspired by WhatsApp. The to-be-married Gujarati couple ditched the old patterns of wedding invitation and came up with this out of the box idea.

Aarzoo and Chintan Desai wanted to design something unique for their wedding. Chintan, who is a web designer by profession, designed a four-page invitation card, inspired by WhatsApp. While the design was a manifestation of Chintan’s imagination, he credits his fiance for the idea. “You are obligated to attend our Wedding else you will be blocked on WhatsApp,” the card read.

The card is of the patent WhatsApp green color with a ‘display picture’ of the couple. Instead of the WhatsApp logo, the couple chose to go with a Lord Ganesha picture on the cover of the card to give it a traditional touch. It took Chintan about a week to design the whole card. And let’s just say, it turned out to be pretty amazing.

The couple’s families were ecstatic to be a part of such a special wedding card, and they gladly supported the couple in their unique endeavor to make their wedding memorable. Chintan’s father Pradip Desai said, “We have to keep up with the new generation. When they showed me the card, I really liked it, so approved it.”

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Success Tips

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Success Tips

Unsuccessful people aren’t successful because they haven’t managed to rid themselves of all their flaws, weaknesses and poor habits. Rather, successful people have gotten to know themselves so well that they sense any potential stupid decisions before they make them. They then outsmart themselves and don’t give themselves the chance to make those mistakes.

Staying focused and on track shouldn’t be a constant game of tug-of-war with the self. It’s difficult to make good decisions when we are caught up in the moment, but if we can foresee possible deviations from our chosen paths, we can avoid them altogether, making staying on track much easier.

First off, why should you even be a step ahead? It will make you prepared for anything. To be a good leader, intern, employee or basically any role in life, you need to be prepared for every situation. Be quick on your feet; it will make you an asset.  it will get you everywhere in life. It shows how you think ahead, plan and stay organized.

Life doesn’t have to be hard if you plan ahead. It’s not planning and “going with the flow” that washes us away with the current. If you want to get things done, if you want to be successful and happy with yourself, then do yourself a favor and outsmart yourself.

So here are some steps, which we will give you to take the right decision in your life – 

Avoid the poor choice

The easiest way is to avoid the poor choice in the first place. If you know that you have a lot of work to do tomorrow and need to be up early, then don’t think that you can go out. If you know that you need to buckle down to get work done, avoid friends who are party animals altogether. If they are very close friends, then they will understand why you are distancing yourself; if they’re not good friends, then what does it really matter if you keep them in your social circle?

Statistically, people are happier with a handful of friends, anyway. Learn to say no to situations that will lead you to make bad decisions and you will be pleasantly surprised at your increase in productivity.

To be with good people and avoid bad things

Surrounding yourself with the right people is extremely important — as is customizing your environment to minimize bad decisions and maximize good ones. If you need to get work done but are easily distracted by the Internet, then either turn off your wireless router while you are working, or download an app that allows you to virtually turn it off for a set period of time.

So, Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and removing the bad will allow you to make better decisions a majority of the time.

Don’t be become hopeless

Falling down is not bad things. The important thing to remember is that you are only human. You will give into your weaknesses and you will make poor decisions from time to time, but that’s okay. Beating ourselves up for making bad decisions doesn’t do us any good. It stunts the learning process; it discourages us, and it sometimes even causes us to overcompensate.

Life is a learning process. The important thing is to always get yourself back on track and take it from where you left off. The faster you get back to your plan, the longer you will stay on track until you slip again. Eventually, you will change your habits entirely and no longer feel the urge to make those poor decisions you once used to make.

This is how you change yourself. You learn about yourself and learn how to outsmart yourself. You trick yourself into making good decisions until you no longer need to put forth that conscious effort anymore. To succeed, you need to be persistent and relentless, not flawless. Perfection is only something to strive for, not to attain.

A 15-Year-old Odissa girl sold to Haryanvi man for just 2 Lakh

A 15-Year-old Odissa girl sold to Haryanvi man for just 2 Lakh

A case was filed where a 15-year-old girl was sold by her uncle for 2 lakh and then got married to a man twice her age. The case got filed after the girl jumped from the first floor of a house in Harayana. Neighbours saw her and informed the police.

After the investigation, police said that the 15-year-old girl is from Odisha. She was brought to Bhiwani by her uncle who sold her for 2 lakh to Sandeep. She was then forcibly married off to a man twice her age who kept her illegally inside his house.

A case has been registered under Children from Sexual Offence Act, Prohibition of Child Marriage Act and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes Act, said police. They further added that they have arrested Sandeep and his mother for the crime they have committed.

A Philippine stunned to find herself the only passenger on the plane, See what happened next

A Philippine studded to find herself the only passenger on the plane, See what happened next.

Airplane is one of the fastest transportation vehicles used to cross from a certain place to another point of destination.It’s peak season for traveling, with most flights and boat trips fully booked until a few after New Year’s Day.

 A woman from Davao Louisa Erispe was stunned to find herself the only passenger on the plane.On her Christmas Eve flight from Davao City going to Manila, Erispe got surprise when the Philippine Airline flight PR 2820 started the engine and start to take-off while looking around the plane alone, except for the crew and the pilot on board. 

Louisa Erispe posted photos from the trip, sharing her apprehension that she was the only one on the flight.According to Virtual Pinoy, Erispe who’s a new correspondent for People’s Television Network (PTV) Philippines, it was the company that booked the flight for the news reporter. But Philippine Airlines flight PR 2820 from Davao City to Manila had been rescheduled to an earlier time. While the airline managed to reach everyone, they were unable to contact Erispe. When she finally arrived at the airport, the plane had already flown.Since the missed flight was not the passenger’s fault, the airline decided to proceed with the scheduled flight. This made Erispe the only passenger on the flight.

She said she had no idea what to say about the fact that she is flying alone on the plane. Louisa admitted that felt nervous and asked for the guidance of God for her trip. She updated that the flight went safe and she even transferred to different seats since she is the only one there. Louisa commended Philippine Airlines for still flying her back to Manila despite the fact that she is the only passenger there.

Read her whole post

“Hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin or kung ano dapat kong isipin.

But I’ll be flying alone tonight sa plane. No other passenger, ako lang. Hehe

Kinakabahan ako, hahaha. Ikaw na po bahala Ama

nakalipad po ako ng maayos and nakapagpalipat lipat ako ng upuan.


After reaching to the destination she says, Thank you po Capt. Khalil Faustino and the rest of the crew for the safe and remarkable trip. God Bless you.

Big Breaking – Two women finally succeed to have a glimpse of Lord Ayyappa


Two women in their 40s, Bindu and Kanakadurga entered the Sabarimala temple in Kerala with the help of police in mufti. They started their climb around midnight and reached the sanctum sanatorium by 3:45am.

After confirmation, CM of Kerala told the reporters “the women faced many hurdles while their climb to the temple, we gave instructions to the police for providing protection. Now it is confirmed that two women have entered the temple.”

A recording of them entering the shrine is going viral. They took a different route, used VIP entrance instead of climbing the sacred 18 steps used by the devotees.

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple’s website explains that since Lord Ayyappa was “Nithya Brahmachari” – or celibate – women in the 10-50 age group are not allowed to enter. “Such women who try to enter Sabarimala will be prevented by authorities,” the website reads.

On September 28, a five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court, headed by then Chief Justice Dipak Misra lifted the centuries-old ban on the entry of women of menstrual age into the shrine.

ATM cards without EMW chips will now be considered invalid

ATM cards without EMW chips will now be considered invalid

All banks have stopped supporting cards with old magnetic straps. Starting from today i.e., 1st January 2019, cards with magnetic strip will not accepted, only EMV chip cards will be supported by the bank.

Cards most likely issued before 2013 were all magnetic strip cards. If your card has a SIM card like chip in the left-hand side of your card, then it is fine because it is EMV chip card.

You can change your card by contacting your bank. The replacement of cards are done for free, you don’t have to pay any amount for changing magnetic strip cards to EMV chip cards.

Odisha: A college student slips into waterfall while taking a selfie

Odisha: A college student slips into waterfall while taking selfie.

A student who was taking a selfie at a popular picnic spot in Odisha slipped into a waterfall of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district.

The student is identified as Rohon Mishra who was from Cuttack. According to a video released by ANI shows a person is desperately trying to reach the edge but is swept by the heavy flow of water. Many people came to rescue but were unable to save him.

According to a study conducted by All India Institute of medical sciences(AIIMS), In the last six years more than 250 people across the world die while taking selfies. Many similar cases have been filled where
people used to take selfie in front of an oncoming train and get hit by the train.

Jio gives New year gift to their customers, lunches 100% cashback HNY offer

Jio gives New year gift to their customers, lunches 100% cashback Happy New Year offer

Reliance Jio has launched Happy New Year offers for its customers this year as well. Jio’s Happy New Year offer has begun from December 28 and will last till January 31, 2019. So let us know in detail about Jio New Year offer that the company has given something new this time.

First of all, this offer of Jio is 100% cashback offer and this offer will be available with Jio’s most popular pre-paid plan with a price of Rs 399 and above. Reliance Jio has partnered with AJIO for this offer. Ajio is the only digital fashion venture of Reliance, which was launched in 2016. This new feature of Jio’s new offer is that you will be able to use coupon in the form of cashback this time as well as for shopping.

This offer of Jio is available on My Jio App. Also, cashback coupons can be used for purchase on AJIO website.

You can use 100% cashback coupon on the AJIO app or website at least for the purchase of Rs. 1,000. For example, if you have recharged Rs 399, then you get Rs 399 in cashback. In this case, if you buy 1,000 rupee product from AJIO, you will have to pay 601 rupees. This offer of Jio is for both existing and new customers.