Whisky is not risky ! Jack Daniel’s launches its first coffee infused Whisky

From now not only nights will be high for the boozers their Morning will also bloom. Jack Daniel’s has launched its first ever non-alcoholic coffee infused whisky with coalition with ‘WORLD OF COFFEE’. This is the first initiation from JD to serve people something non-alcoholic but with real taste of JD whisky.
President and owner of World of Coffee, Charlie Newman sounded pretty confident about the product when he announced it in the Press Release.
This whisky is the composition of Premium 100 Percent Arabic Coffee infused in Jack Daniel’s Old no. 7 Tennessee Whisky.
For those who are in habit of working in a little boozy mood can opt this option as this Whisky is non-alcoholic and it will only increase your intensity towards work not intensity of bad image reflection towards your surrounding.
The coffee has two varieties – decaffeinated and caffeinated and a 8.8 oz tin of the coffee would cost you $21.95 and a 1.5 oz bag would amount to $6.95. You can buy some at the Lynchburg Hardware & General Store in Tennessee or at the Jack Daniel’s online store.
People from all around the world are appreciating this move of Jack Daniels as they are providing an ultimate solution to the people to stay hot in cold winters.

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