Up above the World so High, Mumbai is ready to touch the Sky!

Touching the skyline, Mumbai speaks it’s soul. Electrifying breezy places in Mumbai are the magnet feature of this city. Apart from this beauty Mumbai has a huge population but a finite amount of land. Yet, irrespective of this fact the available land for apartment, residences in suitable locations are hard to find. Some of India’s successful entrepreneurs and celebrities have to face this problem to get a mansion or apartment at their desired location.
Latest trend in luxury housing is the rise of sky bungalows in metros. This trend is transforming the city’s skyline as more and more people are opting for these. Because of its locality, luxury and services the corporate buyers are steadily moving away from the concept of bungalow at a ground level which gives the feeling more of more triumphant living. In fact, the vertical luxury residential trend is here to stay as it offers the high achievers club matching their social status and reflecting their personalities.
The property consultants believe the factor that attracts the high-end customers to buy homes in a skyscraper is the freedom of being up so high with breathtaking views in the lap of Ultra Luxury with all services.
Undoubtedly high-rise luxury living is on the growth in Mumbai as more and more buyers from business class are seeking it for the five-star services and amenities in their mansion. Whether it is a top corporate honcho, a tech wizard, a celebrity high flyer, the rising sky bungalows are emerging demands of entrepreneurs. For developers, taking certain construction factors into action when building tall, invariably requiring engaging of international consultants and experts.

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