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After quiting his last show with colleague Kapil Sharma in March 2017, famous comedian made a come back on television with his own show – Kanpur Wale Khuranas on December 13, 2018.

The first guest to his show was team Simmba. According to few bollywood gossips, the show is likely to go off air soon. Before you bogle your head, the reason is that he took the show as mini-series because of his packed schedule as he is also acting in Salman Khan’s movie ‘Bharat’.

“It is because of me, I signed the show only for 8 weeks because I’m also acting in Salman Khan’s Bharat. I won’t be able to give time to both. I had free time and since I was missing television, I scheduled this show in the time of 1 month”, Sunil shared his thoughts while talking to Pinkvilla.

While the other comedians like Sugandha Mishra, Ali Asgar, Upasana Singh and judges like Farah Khan and Aparshakti Khurana was also a part of the show.


Nagpur police were shocked and at the same time were confused how to handle a situation in they were. A boy wanted the police to file a complaint were he stated that a girl has stolen his heart. He wanted the police to get back the “stolen” heart.

Police officials often get complaints of stolen assets like car, bike, jewellery and many more but this bizarre case them where the station in-charge had to contact his superior for advice to dealing with the situation.

“Senior spoke to the man and made him understand that there is no section under indian law which deals with such problems and they do not have a solution to his problem”, said Mr. Upadhyay, a police official.


Marriage is one of the most important thing in ones life. People contact different wedding planners to make the day grand. So did a couple in Philippines.

According to a news report in Metro UK, Shine Tamayo and her partner John Chen, a couple from Pasig city, manila, Philippines paid 140,000 pesos (5 lakh) to a wedding planner only to turn the day into a nightmare for them.

First embarrassment was caused when they came to their after-wedding reception and found that the caterers have not served anything. They had to order noodles from the street and had to serve in trays.

After facing this they headed towards to cut their grand wedding cake, only to find that it was made of thermocol. However, the wedding planner has been charged with fraud and is waiting for the trial. “This day has become one of the worst days of my life”, said the bride.


Delhi Government has stated that trucks or other vehicles carrying ration will now be having a GPS tracking device attached to it. This order was passed to prevent ration pilferage in the capital of India.

According to an official, this effort was taken after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal received an information regarding few mafias indulged actively in illegal practice of pilferage. As per the order, the Delhi State Civil Supply Corporation will install GPS and if not possible, it will try to take outsourcing of transportation.

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The officials also said that the shops will be inspected once in a month by special commissioners, twice a month by assistant commissioners and thrice by food and supply  officers.

A 17-year old IIT aspirant from Kota committed Suicide


Another suicide case comes up from Rajasthan’s Kota region on Tuesday. A 17-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself on the ceiling fan. The student, Jitesh Gupta was a resident of Siwan, Bihar and had come to Kota for taking coaching for his upcoming IIT JEE 2019 entrance examinations.

He had been preparing for his examinations for three years now. When he did not answer his parents call, they called one of his friends to check. It was his friend who found him hanging from the fan. No suicide note has been found yet, the authorities and police are investigating the case.

The body is kept in the mortuary of Maharao Bhim Singh Hospital for the postmortem which is likely to be conducted after the his family arrives. This is third suicide case within a year. On Sunday, two students from different coaching center hanged themselves on a ceiling fan.

Including this suicide, the number of suicides recorded in the city has increased to 19 this year. At least 58 students from different private coaching have committed suicide since 2013 to 2017.



A government hospital in Virudhunagar district some 500 Km from Chennai injected a HIV positive blood into a 24-year-old pregnant woman during a blood transfusion. Three lab technicians have been suspended for showing such horrible irresponsibility.

Two years ago, they failed to inform a donor that he was HIV positive. The government has offered financial compensation and jobs for the woman and her husband. According to the investigation, the man is positive for both HIV and Hepatitis B. He donated his blood at a donation drive by an NGO.

Neither the hospital officials saved his records nor they inform him of the test results. The woman has been put on anti-retro-viral treatment as doctors say that instant detection can help her to live long. But now, both the doctor and family has to wait till the baby’s birth to find if the baby is infected or not.


Naseeruddin Shah’s remarks on mob violence have triggered yoga guru Ramdev Baba. His comments on violence is indirectly degrading the country’s pride, said Ramdev Baba.
“Naseeruddin Shah has become popular because of people. I have seen political intolerance in the country but not seen a religious intolerance. I think accusing India of religious intolerance is equal to damaging our country’s pride”, he said at the inauguration Eastern India’s first International Vedic Pathashala.
He further added that every country has its own problem regarding violence or intolerance but no one blames one’s own country, it is equal to disrespecting a country. This all happened when Naseerudin Shah passed a comment in support of a policeman who was killed by a mob in Uttar Pradesh.
“There are many people who like taking law in their own hands. In many places we are witnessing that the death of a cow is more taken into consideration than that of a policeman”, said the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Ashok Gehlot decides Rajasthan’s Cabinet, Will take oath for the first time

The Cabinet of Ashok Gehlot Government has been decided. After the two-day long meetings with high officials and national leaders in New Delhi, after the rounds of meetings, 13 cabinet and 10 state ministers have been stamped. 18 MLAs will be first ministers in this All ministers will administer the oath of office and governance of Governor Kalyan Singh at 11.30 in the Raj Bhavan Monday.
According to Rahul Gandhi’s intention, youth is given more importance in the Cabinet of Gehlot Government. Caste equations have also been taken care of.Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and Congress general secretary Avinash Pandey, in the state in charge, prepared a list of potential ministers after several rounds of meetings.On Saturday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi stamped this list.
On Monday, these MLAs will be sworn in as cabinet ministers. These include BD Kalla, Raghu Sharma, Shanti Dhariwal, Lalchand Kataria, Pramod Jain Bhaya, Parsadilal Meena, Vishvendra Singh, Harish Chaudhary, Ramesh Meena, Master Bhanwarlal Meghwal, Pratap Singh Khatriyavas, Udalal Awjana, Saleh Mohammed, Are included. At the same time, all the MLAs will be sworn in as ministers in the cabinet. This includes names of Mamta Bhupesh, Arjun Singh Bamania, Bhanwar Singh Bhati, Sukhram Vishnoi, Ashok Chandna, Tikaram Jolly, Bhajan Lal Jatav, Rajendra Singh Yadav and RLD’s Subhash Garg.There can be a total of 30 ministers in the Rajasthan cabinet with the chief minister. The post of remaining ministers will be filled later.
On December 17, at the Albert Hall in Jaipur, Ashok Gehlot took over as Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot took oath as Deputy Chief Minister.


Health has always been an important thing to consider in everyone’s life. One of the best example of a person who is disciplined enough to follow it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has always been a motivation to the entire nation.

On his trip to Gujarat yesterday, even after having hectic schedule he did not skip his morning walk. He followed his daily routine.
“PM Narendra Modi, while on his morning walk at Gandhinagar on his trip to Gujarat yesterday. The strict discipline inspite of such a hectic schedule under the highest pressure is an example each one of us can follow! #Respect”, Priti Gandhi tweeted.


Lionel Messi, the international football sensation is probably on the verge of getting knocked out of the world cup and at time, when he is in need of sheer support from fans, the opposite is happening. As if there wasn’t any less pressure on this man, the fans have also disappointed in him. His wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, ahead of Argentina’s clash against Croatia on Thursday had posted a picture of their youngest son, three-month-old Ciro, wishing Messi good luck for the match.
She captioned the picture – #VamosPapi” — meaning “#GoDaddy” – which means Go Daddy. However, the match turned into a nightmare for Ciro’s father and the entire Argentina side after Croatia thrashed them 3-0 in the Group D game at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
After the match, angry Argentina fans mocked the caption to the picture, as one of them wrote, “Papi is a loser.” “Papi” would be coming home soon when Argentina get knocked out of the tournament,” another fan wrote. “I hope you will tell Messi to play a better match against Nigeria,” another person commented, referring to the upcoming third and final Group D game in St. Petersburg.
Meanwhile, many others voiced support for the family with kind words and wishes: “Go, Leo! Do it for your family!”
However, with Nigeria’s win against Iceland, hopes are still alive for Argentinians and Messi is the key to win, what the player needs now, is support from his fans across the globe and assists from his teammates in the game.